Timothy Noakes: Lore of Running

Timo­thy D. Noa­kes: Lore of Run­ning. Fourth Edi­ti­on. Cham­pai­gn, Ill.: Human Kine­tics 2002. 931 Sei­ten. ISBN 9780873229593.

  • Fore­word – Pre­fae to the Fourth Edii­on – Ack­now­led­ge­ments – Intro­duc­tion: Some Reflec­tions on Running
  1. Part I: Phy­sio­lo­gy and Bio­che­mi­stry of Running
    1. Mus­cle Struc­tu­re and Function
    2. Oxy­gen Trans­port and Run­ning Economy
    3. Ener­gy Sys­tems and Run­ning Performance
    4. Tem­pe­ra­tu­re Regu­la­ti­on During Exercise
  2. Part II: Trai­ning Basics
    1. Deve­lo­ping a Trai­ning Foundation
    2. Lear­ning From the Experts
    3. Avoiding Over­trai­ning
    4. Trai­ning the Mind
  3. Part II: Trans­fer­ring Trai­ning to Racing
    1. 10K to Hal-Marathon
    2. Mara­thon
    3. Ultra­ma­ra­thon
    4. Pushing the Limits of Performance
  4. Part IV: Run­ning Health
    1. Ergo­ge­nic Aids
    2. Stay­ing Inju­ry Free
    3. Run­ning and Your Health
  • Refe­ren­ces – Index – About the Author

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